Monday, March 19, 2012

Vtech Education Easy Laptop For Children Wif Mouse

P/S : laptop ni bergantung pd permintaan, ada permintaan baru sy akan order. tima kasih (depend pd stok pembekal jge)^_^.

Harga : RM94 + postage

Easy laptop is an electronic learning product to
- develop children IQ level
- exposure them and familiarize with computer at
preliminary stage since early age.

With graphics, animation and sound that attract their interest, attention and fun learning.

Light, portable and easy to operate. Learn at anytime and anywhere. Use 4 “AA”/UM-3/LR6 batteries.

Software specifications:
- Introduction to A – Z, Spelling, Vowels and
- 9 activities

Arabic (1st in Malaysia):
- Introduction to Arabic letter, numbers, spelling, and others.
- 5 activities

- Introduction to A – Z English letters and spelling.
- 5 activities

- Introduction to numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication,
Division, time, and others.
- 7 activities

- Introduction to science’s knowledge and environment.
- 5 activities

Advanced and outstanding features
- Flashing Keys make learning fun
- Real mouse for easier access to activities
- Operation with National anthem music (Negaraku)
- Teaches Malay, English, Mathematics,
Science,and Arabic
- Full qwerty typing keyboard
- Suitable to age 4 above
- Mouse pad printed with success inspiration
- Parent-friendly features

Auto shut off preserves battery life
Volume control switch for quieter play

So apa tunggu lagi,dapatkannya sekarang ^_^!!!!

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